SEO สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว โปรโมทบล็อก ตามสูตร siamtips


After using the invaluable travel advice for many tourists like me, I can not let my experience as an aid to those wishing to embark on a wonderful journey across the world even when they have only a limited budget.
With the holidays in August and wanted to make a holiday of beautiful beaches, places( สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว ) where we would not have met the winter or the rainy season decreased so drastically? to make us opt for Bali where the climate? perfect in any season.
Looking for a travel solution is not too expensive, we found a nice package with nine hours of stopover in Helsinki, pi?, By choice, a visit to Thailand or Malaysia (Finnish airline Finnair very economical when booked in advance with the right – April / May – € 1,700 for two round trip) that made us decide to give us a few more days’ in Bangkok.
We started August 10 and we had time to visit the beautiful Helsinki is 30 minutes from the airport and turn easily in half a day before taking the flight of nine hours to Bangkok,
When you reach the giant airport in Bangkok (which is approximately 40 minutes from the city, traffic permitting) we took a taxi from one of many places in the parking lot at a cost equivalent to 5 euro has led us directly to address.
I booked through the internet a wonderful ultra-luxury hotel on the banks of the Chao Praya to the cost of a pension three stars in Italy (The Millennium Hilton € 100 per night per room) with direct access by boat to the river that has greatly facilitated by the travel (by land are almost impossible because of the incredible traffic).
We found (and recommend to everyone) the best way to travel around the city? ? use the product more ‘common folk: the Tuk Tuk. As taxis are already? remarkably cheap, the tuk tuk? the synthesis of savings in every sense? an eccentric Ape amended, used to transport passengers in the rear, and the possibility? zigzag amid the endless rows of cars at a very low cost (at 200 baht – about 4 euros – you have available and tuk tuk drivers all day!). We had the luck to meet a nice driver (former Italian cook, plus!) For the next few days there has scarrozzati back and forth to the city? giving us some tips on interesting places to see and "saving us a lot of time. So we? accepted gladly make it for adapting to their particular practice: many tuk tuk drivers agree with some merchants to bring tourists visiting for a few minutes in their stores, usually tailored clothing or jewelry in exchange for l gasoline. E ‘cos? we visited a handful!
That is why we tried to avoid the most ‘can be classics tour ,preferring to enjoy the daily life of local people.
Obviously? an essential step in one of the wonderful places, present at every street corner where an hour of relaxing massage with all the amenities costs about 5 euros.
Bangkok? wonderful, colorful, lively, warm suburb from the tourist center, the royal palace to Buddhist temples and Chinese live side by side (recommended for those who had no time to visit, at least: the golden mountain, Wat- arun, wat-po, and the gigantic and wonderful sleeping Buddha).
We ate in small restaurants and large restaurants and always appreciating the kitchen (making sure to drink only water, always take the bottle and without ice) and the high and refined dishes preparation



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