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Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว , Yes, ‘and’ right first. As the ferry leaves behind Ko Phi Phi, I try to remember someone else, but I think it’s just the first of my birthdays twenty-nine that step away from home. And obviously I can not pass that traveling, even if it ‘only for a crossing of a couple of hours to Krabi. I could not ask for more: in addition to the trip, even places not ‘that just be thrown away. It’s not every day that you can choose where to spend your birthday, then when you choose to spend the morning in Ko Phi Phi and Krabi in the afternoon and evening, two authentic Thai wonders, can not thank you for that gift that you done.
Ko Phi Phi and ‘a marvel: it seems incredible that less than four years ago here have unleashed hell in the form of tsunamis. A couple of more high waves’ of ten meters, traveling hundreds of miles per hour were sucked into the sea out of sight and then return to earth and wipe out almost everything about this small island. Today they have rebuilt almost everything. Maybe too much: too many resorts, too many shops, too many people. But no roads and no cars. That is wonderful and very small, means that prices go accordingly, no, no beach bungalows for 300 baht this time. We arrive at the pier and there ‘the usual crowd of Thais you offer any type of accommodation, the most’ of the economy are all full, so there is nothing left to do but go to a resort for 600 baht apiece (12 million): It seems to me a huge amount ‘, as they are accustomed to Thai prices, but all in all a place so’, with pool and superb beach, at least in Europe it would pay a hundred euros per night. Therefore not ‘the case to complain.

How they spend their days in Ko Phi Phi, apart from brown on the beach in front of a crystal clear water and keep soaking in the sea or pool? Well, Thai massage in profusion (once most likely made from a / a ladyboy) in a hut overlooking the sea, and saw that my cousin ‘a passionate, walks in the village (so if’ you can ‘call a row of restaurants , Baretta, scuba diving clubs, shops, etc.), quantity ‘abnormal fruit-shakes, and little else. In the evening we are always tired, because I do not know ‘because we do absolutely nothing all day, dinner somewhere on the waterfront, a few beers in one of the inevitable small bars to watch those crazy wild playing with fire (literally).

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The third day we decided to be a bit ‘more’ active and we went to Ko Phi Phi Leh, which is nothing but ‘the sister island in front of Ko Phi Phi Don where we are. On the island there ‘nothing: no resorts, no village, no nothing, I hope we manage to maintain this park and not be tempted to build something to earn a bit’, because ‘like’ Getting to know ‘is a real pearl. But before you get there, because we had to join some sort of organized tour (or a wooden boat with 8 passengers), we have been in other places equally fabulous: Monkey Beach, a white sandy beach full of monkeys (and their visitors with bananas), Bamboo Island, a small (and beautiful) island with an equally small village of huts, and then finally Ko Phi Phi Leh. To get there, we risked a dozen times to coat the boat because the sea was pretty pissed, and we got drenched, as the "skipper" seemed to want to test the strength and speed ‘of this boat. First stop Maya Bay: You know "The Beach"? Here, Maya Beach and ‘"The Beach" there was DiCaprio, fortunately, but the beach and’ really indescribable how and ‘beautiful. The only drawback to the amount ‘of tourists, but that’ all in all ‘acceptable, and the fact that they were shooting a film Bolliwood (Indian movie) complete with crew, actors and all the rest: still an experience! The Beach after we made some other stops in bays as fabulous to do some ‘snorkeling. I must confess that I have never seen water so ‘transparent, apart from Ko Tao, and so’ many colorful fish and corals, while we were swimming the guy’s boat has also thrown a bit ‘pineapple in water to attract more more ‘: at one point I was literally surrounded by blue and yellow fish, green fluorescent red and white style Nemo, and thousands of others. Great experience, well, fabulous for me, a little ‘less for my cousin who has a particular phobia of fish. But she and ‘dipped after a while’, and a little phobia ‘has been cured, in a rather drastic. The only regret and ‘not having bought a camera diving: the water was so clear that it would be like taking a picture on the ground. You could see for tens of meters perfectly. After three days very relaxing in this paradise, and after Joyce and ‘burned for good (at least not only), and’ time to leave.
Today, years twenty-nine, I have never been better in my life, I am traveling on the Andaman Sea between Krabi and Ko Phi Phi, I do not know what to expect tonight, it ‘what to expect in the coming days, it’ in the coming months . One thing is’ certain, for my birthday I could not ask for a better gift than this.



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