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10 tips to make the “Content Marketing”

The Content Marketing can? be abstracted as a stream of content that intrigue and involve everyone, quickly creating a comprehensive advertising network. Technorati has interviewed the great world of blogger to see clearly, and outputs are percentages very interesting

    * 15% of bloggers are paid to write
    * 71% of owners of blogs or bloggers are witnessing the strong impact that a blog in terms of visibility? for an activity?
    * 56% of respondents claim that a company that communicates with a blog? company that benefits from it in terms of position and prestige
    * 58% say that having a blog? an advertising return

With these rates we can use blogs as a powerful tool to Content Marketing. Mike Masnick, a blog that he intends, is studying the phenomenon:

   1. Internet gives the possibility? to choose how you choose what to look even choose what to watch and difficult to capture the attention of the ADSs in the middle of content searched. If we think of as AdBlock plugins for browsers, eliminating the advertising content sites, it is natural to advise marketing without a Content
   2. The public website should be concerned, because of need to propose a marketing message with content that captures the sign and they do participate actively.
   3. The content must follow a line of marketing. But not enough to captivate the customer must give the right marketing message, maybe the most? difficult? make content that is not only content but also an advertisement.

As you can see the word "content" always bounces, now try to understand how to make a "content marketing effectively.

The test of "So What?"
Chris Garrett? decreased in the customer’s shoes, making a simple question: "So?". After the player incorporates what metabolizes an advertisement? Why? should listen to our campaign? Spamming content does not lead to anything, before creating an advertising campaign must think the feedback that I receive? by the customer. Moving from the user immergiamoci content and lead us to ask whether something more? or leave us a great sense of loss with the inevitable question "So What?". We must find a way to hit the mark, the question "So?" should not be included in our street.

Personal content and fresh
The amount? bits of information traveling on the web? almost? Finally, I think to do with news content "stolen" is useless. In a high percentage of Web blog service is a "news of the day." The news of the day after only works for large community? tested, but if you have interesting content first you have to write interesting content. And to make it interesting to come from you, be cool, you have to scoop your competitors. It ‘easy to write a blog full of content? difficult to write a blog full of interesting content.

Interest quickly
It ‘important that the content is highly targeted. The reader must be interested in the product-service in a short time, if some other company is able to capture the customer before we say that has hit the mark and used the contents better than us.

Big companies only ringing the jingle can be creepy customer, Can The Same? do literally with the contents. If proponents of the contents can give strong incentives to Be a great communicator and Have Personality? to the content? gap in the hearts of recipients. We must study well the campaign content, But Personally know to be serious, humorous but not silly, in fact Able to move.

The contents of lead connections
Connection MEANS the amount of users connecting. If the contents are valid and interesting content then the marketing will spread? Backlinks to glow with happiness? the EES. Therefore be content just MEANS HAVING many relationships, increase visibility?, And to offer a Guarantee of reliability? and competencies.

Have wrist without Being austere
Being a blogger serious, thoughtful and authentic does not mean the father master with words. So if you want to submit content in the right way must do so without Worrying about perfection. Often Makes the mistake of thinking That the reader will be confronted with a perfect place, When the reader Easily But forgive a mistake does not forgive a wrong tone of writing, do not make the sage.

Submit Content
Knowing That without compelling content? be useless to waste time on formatting and color choices, we must Attract the reader, Because of we can put keywords in bold, a title out of the norm, Which Is Obviously relevant to the content, use and management for Striking Contrasts. Somehow if you can bring down the eye of the reader in the right place, although at That Time attracted by something else, coming back? sure to read the part skipped why? intrigued.

The Title Should Be Highlighted
If just talking about formatting proposed a bold, But we’re talking about content. Have a good headline But with A Few keywords, curious, interesting, intelligent MEANS to make Life Easier for e-book reader like Kindle ipad for example, or RSS readers, and attention. The content must be preceded by a title That has content.

Merging media and product
Selling a product without a history of advertising today? very difficult. Also companies are becoming media companies, media content to just proposed a MEANS to INCREASE Their Companies and Their Products. That It Is Necessary For this the products are accompanied by a content marketing.

Do not sell the content
To keep alive the "content marketing" c ‘? an axiom? content to do marketing, and not vice versa. Trying to sell content through advertising distorts the whole process We have discussed so far. Content must be synonymous with relationships, interactions and social acceptance. The content must not be a 120px banner ads or in the middle of a page, But must be a form of confrontation and lasting interest.

And ‘What is Essential to Understand and know how to present content in a correct way, for years the world of marketing? Been invaded by superficialit?, television and radio did not allow much research Now That the buyers want to know, and to know the needs of content, more? The company offers more comprehensive and interesting content? the customer will be? Inclined to invest in a product and service.



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